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Thread: Is it possible? Alter Flash stage size

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    Is it possible? Alter Flash stage size

    I have a flash site that loads several .swf files into a master file. The main navigation buttons are up top and never move. The master file and all of the pages that load into it are 1150 x 750 pixels. The problem is that I have one exception to the height of 750 pixels. I want to tack a small text section (kind of like a blog) to the bottom of the home page. I have attached an image showing what I mean.

    Originally I was thinking of just using html to do this, but I don’t want to load a new html page to navigate to another part of the site. My next thought is to use a text file loaded into flash and I would prefer to simply use the browser’s scrollbar to navigate this “blog,” rather than building one in flash (for graphic reasons, not actionscript difficulty).

    My question is- Is there any way to use the browser’s scrollbar for only the home page, then have it disappear for the other pages, WITHOUT having to load a new html page?

    I am open to any ideas/suggestions, but I can’t come up with anything. My thoughts so far, none of which I think are possible:

    1. Resize the flash element in the html file (not possible without loading a new html page..?)
    2. Resize the stage of the master file using actionscript (Would require the html to be altered?)
    3. Have the “blog” placed in the html file separate from the master file, and delete the html element when I navigate to another section (again, not possible without a new page?).
    4. Have a vertically longer Master.swf (say 1500-2000 px), but somehow manually delete the browser’s scrollbar or tell it not to show the scrollbar if I go to certain sections of the site (no idea if this is possible?)

    I guess the worst case scenario is that I leave the bottom portion of the master page blank on everything besides the home page and just ignore the scrollbar on the browser, but I would prefer not to do this, so any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I have stumped myself as usual..

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    Rather than dealing with the scrollbar, I'm pretty sure you can just dynamically adjust the size of the Flash object through Javascript.

    Here's a thread on the subject.

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    hey- thanks for the response. That sounds like it's exactly what I am looking for, but it may have to wait for a while until I have some time. I'm alright with actionscript, but am far from an expert, and have never worked with javascript, so it would probably take some serious effort to get it to work.

    I appreciate it though, and perhaps I'lll get it working at some point in time

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