I want your advice according the use of flash or not.
For a client I need to build a CMS and application that shows pictures (multiple photoalbums), twitter and textmessages on a full-hd television. The 40inch screen is placed in a pub. People can twitter a message and that message needs to appear on the screen.
The CMS is already fixed, php and mysql based. Communication by flash through xml. Or is amfphp better?

So I had in mind to build the full-screen application in flash, but because flash is build for small advertisements etc...
I was curious if this isn't to 'heavy' for flash.
Because the application does a lot at the same time in a very high resolution (1920 x 1080) at 25fps:

1. Twitter, continously contact with twitter-server, create and delete movieclips, every message is a movieclip.
2. Multiple layers, top layer is PNG with transparancy, loading a new png every few minutes, layer on bottom are the pictures.
3. Loading pictures, I use flash eff for transitions, 2 pictures loaded a the time
4. Textmessages (such as "Friday evening karaoke" ) are showed over the pictures/png.
5. Embed complete fontset (I heard that thats time consuming?)

I hope I explained the situation well enough, here you can find a example:

The pictures a missing, because this is a example.

Maybe flash can do this without any problem, but because I have some problems with twitter,
movieclips (containing the tweets) aren't positioned always good, so the bird is overlapping the previous message...

I hope that flash can do this stable in the high resolution, the content, except twitter, is local.
Stability is maybe the most important issue.

Thanks in advance.

Greetz Willem