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Thread: Making an RPG?

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    Unhappy Making an RPG?

    Okay so I want to make an RPG. I have very.. basic skills with coding and Actionscript. I have made a few short games (as in, a title screen, a play button, a character that moves and jumps, and buttons that lead you to the next stage) Most of the codes used were mostly copied, but i tried to get an understanding of them. Anyways these are some things I really need to know.

    moving -
    i know the whole, ifKey.isDown(Key.LEFT)){
    x -= moveSpeed;
    (or something like that.. like i said, im a novice) but i was wondering how i would go about making it so that when you press LEFT the keyframe inside the movieclip(hero) that contains a graphic/movieclip that has an animation of walking left is activated.

    i have never seen or used any sort of code that would be counted as a quest. I want to learn how to make a quest, thats like, once you talk to this person for the first time, or after you've done something, the action of talking activates the quest and makes an item appear that you can retrieve, once youve met the criteria of the quest you get something and the quest cannot be redone and the items have disapeared.

    so that the sword/weapon you're holding, when it is in use, and touches the enemy it automatically takes damage.

    that follow you

    stat system -
    as in, you have experience and gain it for each kill, and when its reached 100% you up your health, and attack, and the xp starts over again.

    thats about it for now, THANK YOU FOR ANYHELP(:

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    My advice to you is to start smaller. RPGs are probably the most difficult kind of game to make. Make something simpler like Asteroids so you get a better understanding of programming concepts (movement, collision detection/response, etc) and Actionscript in general. The scope is much smaller and it will prepare you to tackle games on a larger scale.

    Because of the nature of RPGs, it's almost a requirement that you have a solid understanding of object oriented design principles. Here's a good set of tutorials on it. RPGs require a LOT of code, and if you don't know how to design and organize your game correctly, it will become a nightmare during development.

    Also, RPGs are heavily content-focused. Weapons, spells, dungeons, art, art, art... Good RPGs require a LOT of art. Realistically this is at minimum a 2-man job. A programmer and an artist. That will get you a bare-bones RPG after a LOT of work. Professional-level RPGs (like the kind you can buy for your 360) have a team of 150+ people who spent like 4 years working on it.

    I don't mean to take the air out of your sails, but I hope that helps.

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