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Thread: Mahjong Game

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    Smile Mahjong Game

    I have recently started working with Mahjong game. But being not so experienced developer. I am just confuse about many aspects of it. So if anyone could throw some light on it. It would be of great help.

    I have to build the game where there could be different number of tiles on screen.
    32, 48, 64 , 80, 96, 112 and so on

    Now I have questions regarding the levels of blocks in this game. I mean the layouts of the game should be predefined or they should be dynamically created? Also I wanted to know how the surface of enable and disable symbols are created?

    I am very confused with the math of this game. So any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I've played a few mahjong games on iPhone and thought a bit about how to make a Mahjong game. Thinking about it, it seemed kind of complicated but it is probably easy once you go about it step by step.

    To get started, it'll probably be easier to just make predefined layouts just to get the game up and running. Once you have it working, it shouldn't be hard to shuffle it dynamically.

    The first step would be to generate an array of 2 of each type of tile. Then lay them out in the stage.

    If you're confused about the math, try making a solitaire game. It's a similar concept, just a lot simpler. You can try searching this forum for a solitaire game or shuffling a deck of cards and you'll be able to get an idea of what you need to do.

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    build the scene in reverse; start with two matching tiles. then add another two matching tiles and so on until you have the desired number of tiles.
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    Thanks for your suggestions. Would post back if get stuck anywhere.

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