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Thread: Just wondering about links

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    Just wondering about links

    What i am trying to do is when someone clicks on the button or the link on the button it goes to another webpage, also i want to have the option of when they click on a link they can download a file if they want ...

    I saw this site on koolmoves and thought to myself ( COOL )

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    If using AS1 you can supply an address in the go to URL actions for the button properties.

    You can also do it with AS3 but you reference the button with code in ActionScript editor...I'm too rusty to tell you how to do it easily.

    As far as downloading files, you can look at this thread which takes up the topic. http://board.flashkit.com/board/showthread.php?t=742302

    I agree that the Sapphire Site is very cool. I remember when he was building it. If memory serves me right, he used content panes within content panes or something like that...sort of a nested approach. The author of the site is the same person who started the downloading thread referenced above, so that might help put things in perspective.

    Another option is to go to the koolexchange and check out the "download file with progress" file under code snippets.http://koolexchange.com/ which was some of the fruit of those conversations.

    Good Luck
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    Instead of making another topic, is there a way to change the var number on button press because i want to make a cheap sim. of a rpg and pressing a button will reduce or increase var # and Var # will = HP

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