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Thread: How can I share a guided, interactive flash presentation online?

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    How can I share a guided, interactive flash presentation online?

    We create presentations in Flash when presenting concepts and ideas to clients. Recently, we have a need to share these presentations with far-away clients via phone or video conference. If we use something like GoToMeeting and share our screen, we can control the pace of the presentation, but all animations and videos are too choppy to impress. If we merely upload the presentation online and give the client a link, the animations and videos look great, but we can't control the pacing as they click through the project.

    What we're looking for is a hybrid solution, in which we can give a client a link to a flash presentation, but only WE can control, from our end, when the flash presentation advances. Maybe something like creating server-side software which changes an XML file when we press "next", and the online flash is constantly checking for updates to the XML for permission to advance?

    Any thoughts from you wacky actionscripters would be appreciated!

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    Not sure if there's a product like that out there but I think you could just use some custom server-side scripting and have events in the the client swf that fire when the server-side script updates XML or a DB. I think you're on the right track but its probably a custom solution.

    Very quick and easy IMO to implement.

    If you really wanted to take the presentation application to a new level you could use a socket server which would handle the flash events a lot better. You would need a server with shell access, internet and a static IP though.

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