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Thread: [RESOLVED] Mouse cursor mask doesn't like buttons...

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Mouse cursor mask doesn't like buttons...

    Having a problem with part of a project that I know is something small that I omitted someplace relating to mouseEnabled or mouseChildren, but I think I have tried everything and nothing seems to work.

    I set up a demo FLA that replicates the issue somewhat here (remove spaces)- t i n y u r l . com/4429vbx

    Basically, I have a little game that involves finding things in an image with a custom mouse cursor that is a magnifying glass. One large image over a smaller version of the same image, the cursor masks the large image. There's a bunch of Math figuring out the movement/positioning of the large image on MOUSE_MOVE to match up with what you are mousing over in the smaller one, and I have a Rollover/Rollout on the smaller image to swap the cursor in/out. The problem started when I put 5 invisible buttons down inside the large image. You get cursor flicker when rolling over the invisible buttons, because smallImage.rollOut is being triggered, then smallImage.rollOver, then out, then over, etc... and I have no idea why.

    I can't use startDrag() because of the large image movement needed on MouseMove, and I tried it with EnterFrame and it's worse.

    Anyway - in my demo file, I figured out that simply turning off the mask stops it from happening. Turn it back on, and it flickers again.

    Like I said, the demo isn't exactly what I have in my project, but it's close. There's no parallax math, and the project I have is class-based, but the demo is on the timeline. There are 3 levels - A is the root child, B inside of A, and 3 buttons AA, BB, CC inside of B. I have a simple circle Sprite as the mouse cursor.

    If you comment out the masking line inside of A, it stops.

    Any ideas? I have to use MOUSE_MOVE because of the parallax movement on the big image, and the buttons have to be clickable as well.

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    Here's a thought:

    try looking at the event.currentTarget to make sure that the event being triggered is from the right object...

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    That had nothing to do with it, it was mouse events tripping over each other.

    Set up the cursor on/off with hitTestPoint instead of rollover fixed it.

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