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Thread: Multidimensional Array Shuffle Problem

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    Unhappy Multidimensional Array Shuffle Problem


    I am working with a game where I need to use 3d array.

    I take random two elements from it and interchange their level,row and column positions . I am able to do this through a single dimensional array. But after doing this I can reflect the changes i made to objects in that 3d array.

    So I need to reshuffle this array. Because the array is containing different card objects of a class cards. So I need to reshuffle this cards within the array according to its level,row and columns resp.

    Please help..

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    Hmm, I kinda get what you're saying but I'm sure what the exact issue is...

    Whenever I need to build a multi-dimensional array though I always just use a single array and set/get from it in a multi-dimensional fashion. Since all the elements are just stored in a single list they're really simple to shuffle.
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    oh that is something new to me. I would like to learn this way of urs. So could u please show it through a small example.

    That would be great.

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