I am working on a website at the moment and some Mac testers are reporting major issues.

Testing address is:


Basicly I need these things checked:

- Continents on the map should light up as you hover over them with the mouse.

- If you over over the continent name all the way to the right of the 'Latest Jobs' header, a drop down menu should appear with the list of all the continents including the currently selected one checked.

- Last but not least, try logging in to the sign up form at the right of the map, use a valid e-mail address format wise (name@domain.com) and an 8 character password. The form should take you to a different page. Users having problem are simply reporting nothing is happening when they hit sign in or the 'enter' key.

If you have any trouble performing any of the above tasks, can you tell me what version of Mac OS you are running as well as what browser you are using and if any errors come up in the console.

Thank you very much. I hope this does not violate any rules.