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Thread: Problem with "Rotating Menu" in ActionScript 3.0

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    Problem with "Rotating Menu" in ActionScript 3.0

    I'm using Actionscript 3.0 for Adobe Flash CS4 for this project...

    I tried to modify the code of this tutorial a bit to have words appear inside the circles (like "Home", "About", etc....) like what I've typed in the line in the screenschot -
    It seems that I can do that since it's an array...

    ...But inspite of what I believe are the appropriate changes I've done, an error showed up still
    (kindly see here -

    Why is that happening?

    Before I forget, in what section of the code must I insert a line that will make a clicked button display the info corresponding to it? (that is, if I click on the "Contact" or any of the buttons a window will appear beneath the menu on the stage...)

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    Your screenshot shows that you have an error attempting to convert the string "Home" to an Item. Strings are not Items. If you have an instance of Item in a variable called home, then put that in your items array instead of the string "Home".

    Also, post code, not screenshots of code. Representations of things are not the things themselves.

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