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Thread: Gunrunner: an experiment in UGC and phased release

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOdorus View Post
    Well I think it's a little to early to start recruiting right now (lesson learned). I'll add you to the list of possible recruits. Nothing against you though, I know some guys who are semi-professional musicians that actually live in the same country as me
    I wasn't thinking in terms of recruiting even though, I mean, I was just wondering the idea you had, because I've been a bit uninspired and making the same old stuff, so having this to work on would be just fun, regardless if you use it in the end or not (If you use it in the end, you gotta pay me lotz uv moneez)

    (To bring this back on subject a bit, we can discuss music stuff via PM I guess?)

    Quote Originally Posted by TOdorus View Post
    Yeah, that's even more noticeable when I reduce the friction some more. A bug in Nape it seems: it puts bodies to sleep to soon. I've concentrated on features first this time. I'll try to set up a reproduction case for DeltaLuca sometime this week(end).
    What version are you using? I'm using the latest available .swc, and I don't have a problem with that...at least it isn't noticeable at all!
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    Asteroids 2.0

    You can finally blast in Blasting Forever. But what fun is blasting if there's nothing to blast? Them 'roids look mighty blastable.

    build 6: Asteroids 2.0

    And of course, spacebars are for pulling triggers.

    New features:
    - Blasting!
    - Object spawning
    - Camera

    And for those interested: pressing 1 and 2 will bring up nape debugging and a profiler respectivily

    Next build will be a pretty uninteresting one. I'm going to take a good look at the editor and the prerendering pipeline (I'm just pushing a new texture for every object, hardly optimized). I'll use any complaints or feature requests regarding the editor posted here as a started point for the editor.

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