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Thread: Shooting Game - AS3

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    Shooting Game - AS3


    I am hoping someone can help, I have been pulling my hair out!

    I am new-ish to flash and want to create a basic shooting game in Flash CS5 using AS3.

    The idea is... enemies appear, a gun that fires bullets and destroys the enemy, of course a number of other aspects but this is the basics.

    I have hunted for tutorials showing me how to do this, does anyone have an example .FLA file or now where I can learn how to do this?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    1) Learn the AS3 syntax.
    2) Find a tutorial on creating and removing DisplayObjects through code.
    3) Find a tutorial on handling user input events.
    4) Find a tutorial on using the EnterFrame event.
    5) Find a tutorial on collision detection.
    6) Use everything you just learned and make your game.

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    Making a game is one of the more difficult things to do in flash. The problem is that no two are really alike so you end up meshing a lot of different techniques together to make one cohesive experience. Rather than looking for "how do I make a game", I think you'll have better success breaking it down and looking for "how do I move a sprite around with the arrow keys" and "how do I make a projectile" and "how do I perform collision detection with enemies" until you have your whole game going.

    One place that may help (although I think the code is all in AS2...) is Kongregate's developer lab - they walk you through a simple game from start to finish.


    You should also check out gotoAndLearn.com for lots of well explained tutorials.
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