This project is Actionscript 2

Unfortunately I'm under NDA, so I can't post any examples, but basically the setup is your standard fighting game. Player 1 on left, player 2 on right. the player 2 movie clip is the player 1 movie clip set to -100% width for a mirror image effect. Within the movie clip are several frames, one for each character you can choose from. Within each character are several movie clips, one for each move the fighter can do, and within that movie clip are the actual frames of animation for each move.
I have mono sound events on the timeline of some of those animation frames.
I need the sounds to pan left for player 1, and right for player 2.
I know I can pan each event by selecting the frame and panning in the effect box of the properties window, but is there a way to tell the player 1 instance of the movie clip that any sounds generated from frames within it should be panned left, and any sounds from the player 2 instance should be panned right?