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Thread: The Wonderful World of HTML5: Flash Dead?

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    The Wonderful World of HTML5: Flash Dead?

    Yes, it is true. The death of Silverlight and Flash have been predicted. The culprit? HTML5.

    The above image links to a full infographic with more fun information on the wonderful world of HTML5. Check it out. You can even post the entire infographic (as long as you link) on your site. If you want to post my image above and link to the HTML5 infographic, you can use the code below. Go ahead and click on the image and take a look and see if you agree with the information presented!

    The following code will embed the above image on your site:

    <a href="http://www.htmlgoodies.com/html5/the-wonderful-world-of-html5.html#fbid=wGh4cr8OE6X">
    <img src="http://htmlgoodies.com/imagesvr_ce/6597/HTML5.DOA.PNG" alt="Wonderful World of HTML5 [Infographic]"
    border="0" width="248" height="219" /></a><br />Via: <a href="http://www.htmlgoodies.com/html5" >
    HTMLGoodies HTML5 Development Center</a>


    Note that HTMLGoodies.com is a sister site to Flashkit

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    I dont agree that HTML5 will kill flash as its still a long time till all users are running platforms that support it. What Im saying is that until IE6 is truly dead there will problems with using HTML5 in a production environment especially for corporate clients. Our company gets requests to support IE6 on at least 80% of our projects.

    Also keep in mind:

    Ian Hickson, editor of the HTML5 specification, expects the specification to reach the Candidate Recommendation stage during 2012. The criterion for the specification becoming a W3C Recommendation is “two 100% complete and fully interoperable implementations”. In an interview with TechRepublic, Hickson guessed that this would occur in the year 2022 or later.

    I just think that flash is going to be used more and more as an application platform. Visual effects will be for jQuery and HTML5. Theres no ways Flex or Air are going to die anytime soon.

    Just my 2 cents
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    One of many discussions we're having in the CL.

    HTML5 is NOT killing Flash, Apple is attacking Flash.
    I'm still waiting for a link to that piece of HTML5 content that runs great on the iPad, saved the developer time and saved the client money.

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