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Thread: Basic game framework

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    Basic game framework

    I'm making a shooter game and I'm trying to to optimize the code as much as possible because at the 2nd level, where there are lots of astroids, the game totally bogs down on my Android.

    Basically, I have an Engine object connected to the main stage itself that runs everything. Once the game starts, it starts reading in the level array and displaying the enemies at the correct time - at the the top of the screen.

    Each enemy is an object, most enemies can fire - more objects.

    The player can move, fire multiple weapons, etc.

    The game just BOGS down with more than 30+ items on the screen simultaneously...

    Am I using the right structure? Anything I can do to optimize the game?

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    You should try to find out if slowdown is caused by code execution or drawing items on screen. One possible way would be running exactly same code but remove all the graphics, if you use frames and timelines just delete all the graphics so only empty frames remain.

    If code runs slowly, try to spot part of code which takes most time and optimise it.

    In the end, it is still possible your hardware and Android compination simply is not capable to run Flash content faster.

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    Well guys the idea of this game is very good but there is need of complete settings and if the code execution works very favorably than it is to consider that it is a good fighting game.

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    The game may lag if the arrays are too large. To find out what is happening it is recommended that you post the game code.
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