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Thread: Best IDE for Flash developing

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    Best IDE for Flash developing

    Hi Guys,
    I'm thinking about changing Flash IDE. I'm currently working on Flash Builder 4 from CS5 packet. It's fine, but I had opportunity to work some time on FB 4.5 and it's way better. Unfortunently, my company won't update to CS5.5, because it's too expencive to update to every "half" realese, that Adobe provides.

    So I was thinking about changing to other IDE, which is free and up to date. I've heard about 2 other popular Flash IDEs:

    1) Flash FDT - I saw it on video tutorials. It looked very handy with it's code generation and other features, unfortunently (and I guess obvoiusly), it's not free.

    2) FlashDevelope - It's written by 2 guys as their hobby. I've heard many positive oppininios about it, but I'm not quite sure, that program written in spare time for fun is that good.

    Thats why I would ask for your oppinions. Did you work on FlashDevelope (or possibly other Flash IDE, which I haddnt heard of)? What are its positive and odd sides? Is it much different from Flash Builder and is it that badly worth it, to abandon FB for FD?

    I'ld be greatful for your answers.

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    You have no idea how good FlashDevelop actually is.
    I just started using falshdevelop about 3-4 days ago and believe me when I say I was hesitant and thought exactly the same as you. But I am hooked to it now and cant imagine going back.

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    Been using flashdevelop for 2+ years and it's great. I use it for .as and .xml editing and it simply rocks...

    It's free, so it's certainly worth trying. Just love the code snippets, the Outline panel for navigating between functions in one file, and being able to hit F6 and have it save and publish your active .fla.

    I've got everyone in the office using it now.
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