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Thread: Need help with slideshow!

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    Need help with slideshow!

    I made a drawing in paint to illustrate what I want:

    Let me explain:
    I have about 5 images with the same height merged into one line of constant photos, which should be repeated in a loop.
    What I want is to make this slideshow visible in a box the size of only one image, through which they will all pass in a smooth lent motion.
    This box would pe placed on a webpage, so it must not occupy any more space other than the margins of a normal picture size.

    I hope I explained clearly. So, can anyone help me please? Thank you

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    Change the dimensions of your Flash document, to that of one image, and then import the long merged image into Flash. Then, move it, so that the first image is visible within the white area, and then click on your Frame, right-click it, click on Create Motion Tween (Create Classic Tween in Flash CS3-5), and then make another keyframe on frame 100 or something, by clicking there, and press F6. Then, on Frame 100, move the merged image to the first image again, which should be next to the last one - and by that, I mean that in your merged image, you should have the first image on the most left-side and ALSO on the most right-side, like after the last image, and then on Frame 100, move the image so that the last image, which is the same as the first, is visible within the white area. This will create a smooth animation, and loop for eternity

    If you want it even smoother, press CTRL+J, and change the Framerate to something above the current one, and then, drag the Frame on Frame 100, to somewhere longer!

    Hope it helps
    I am back, guys ... and finally 18 :P


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    Hi tezebe,

    If I understand correctly you want to create a slideshow very similar to this one :loxiastudio slideshow

    You just need to click on "create this animation"

    Then you will be able to choose the size you want in pixel : "the visible part" from your drawing

    And then you can download the zip file with your slideshow.

    Hope that helps,

    Pappy Robert

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