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Thread: Can we get Enviornmental Variables yet?

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    Can we get Enviornmental Variables yet?

    Working with AIR 3
    Is there any way to get environmental variables? Such as the path to java or the user's application directory? I managed to get what SHOULD be the user's application directory by trimming off a few folders from File.applicationStoreDireectory but I still need the path to Java.

    I have a few alternative methods like mismatching between operating system (if windows then its this, if mac then its this, ext) but on the slim off chance that the default directory has been changed, its pretty much over.

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    I feel like it should be possible by writing native extensions.

    I have done almost no research on native extensions although lee brimelow has a video on them.

    Theoretically, you can do whatever you want with a native extension. take a look at them

    but there is nothing in air right now that can get you environment variables
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