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Thread: Hide object contained in parent, behind object contained in child

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    Hide object contained in parent, behind object contained in child

    So, I have the following layering situation




    I was wondering if it was possible for movieclip4 to be on top of movieclip1, even though movieclip1 is (and must remain) in a layer on top of movieclip2.

    This should happen when movieclip3 is being clicked (and movieclip4 shows up).

    I tried adding this to the mouseclick event of movieclip4:

    this.parent.parent.addChild(event.currentTarget as DisplayObject);
    (I tried with and without "parent", and with different numbers of "parents"... cause I kind of lose counts of the parents there).

    but... it doesn't work.

    How do I solve this?


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    if the -- indicates nesting and the nesting must stay, then no, you cannot get movieclip4 on top of movieclip1 without placing movieclip2 above movieclip1

    you should reconsider your nesting situation, and probably place your code outside the buttons themselves.

    instead, place your mouse event listeners in the parents (or in this case, the stage, root timeline if your in the ide)

    if there is no nesting, you can do either
    whichever is more appropriate (this works for the stage as well)
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