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Thread: How to redirect a ball off a wall

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    Question How to redirect a ball off a wall

    I'm trying to make it so that when the ball hits the wall, it bounces off of it.. this is my code
    Actionscript Code:
    var elastic:MovieClip = _root.createEmptyMovieClip("elastic", 1);
    var point1:MovieClip = _root.attachMovie("sling", "point1", 3, {_x:50, _y:200});
    var point2:MovieClip = _root.attachMovie("sling", "point2", 4, {_x:450, _y:200});
    var gravity = 0.1;
    var angle1:Number = 0;
    var angle2:Number = 0;
    var radius:Number = 15.0;

    // Or whatever half the width of your ball is.
    var elasticCoefficient:Number = 0.0005;
    // This number will affect the stretchiness of the sling.  The greater the number
    // the tighter the elastic will be.                
    var released:Boolean = true;
    var forced:Boolean = false;
    var acc:Object = {x:0, y:0};
    var vel:Object = {x:0, y:0};

    _root.onMouseUp = function() {
        _root.released = true;
    ball.onPress = function() {
        _x = _root._xmouse;
        _y = _root._ymouse;
        _root.released = false;
        vel.x = 0;
        vel.y = 0;
    ball.onRelease = function() {
        _root.released = true;
    _root.onEnterFrame = function() {
        elastic.lineStyle(3, 0x000000);
        if (released) {
            ball._x += vel.x;
            ball._y += vel.y;
        if (ball._y>=187) {
            /* This area differs from the code in the tutorial.
            The reason for that is I didn't read the code, I just looked at the examples.
            I try to gain experience with problem-solving by doing things as close to by myself as possible. */

            forced = true;
            var x1:Number = ball._x-point1._x;
            var y1:Number = ball._y-point1._y;
            var x2:Number = point2._x-ball._x;
            var y2:Number = point2._y-ball._y;
            var distance1:Number = Math.sqrt(x1*x1+y1*y1);
            var distance2:Number = Math.sqrt(x2*x2+y2*y2);
            _root.angle1 = Math.atan2(y1, x1);
            _root.angle2 = Math.atan2(y2, x2);
            var xOffset:Number = Math.cos(angle1+Math.PI/2)*radius;
            var yOffset:Number = Math.sin(angle1+Math.PI/2)*radius;
            var xOffset2:Number = Math.cos(angle2+Math.PI/2)*radius;
            var yOffset2:Number = Math.sin(angle2+Math.PI/2)*radius;
            angle1 += Math.sin(radius/distance1);
            angle2 += Math.sin(radius/distance2)*-1;
            elastic.moveTo(point1._x, point1._y);
            elastic.lineTo(ball._x+xOffset, ball._y+yOffset);
            elastic.moveTo(point2._x, point2._y);
            elastic.lineTo(ball._x+xOffset2, ball._y+yOffset2);
        } else {
            forced = false;
            elastic.moveTo(point1._x, point1._y);
            elastic.lineTo(point2._x, point2._y);
        acc.x = 0;
        acc.y = 0;
        acc.y = gravity;
        if (released && forced) {
            /* This section applies the force of the sling to the ball in terms of acceleration based on the stretching of
            the sling, in the direction of the displacement, scaled by a coefficient that also encapsulates the mass of
            the ball. */

            acc.x += distance1*Math.sin(angle2)*elasticCoefficient;
            acc.y += -distance1*Math.cos(angle1)*elasticCoefficient;
            acc.x += distance2*Math.sin(angle1)*elasticCoefficient;
            acc.y += -distance2*Math.cos(angle2)*elasticCoefficient;
        if (released) {
            vel.x += acc.x;
            vel.y += acc.y;
        plus.onRelease = function() {
        elasticCoefficient /= .9;
    minus.onRelease = function() {
        elasticCoefficient *= .9;

    the ball's instance name is "ball" the wall's is "wall"....

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    understanding someone else code is much more difficult then writing this code from the scratch. I am sure you will do it yourself if you use the following algorithm:
    1. onEnterFrame check if the ball reached the wall either by using hitTest or comparing ball's coordinate against the wall coordinates.
    2. when the ball reaches the wall, reverse ball's X-speed if the wall is vertical or Y-speed if the wall is horisontal

    If the wall is not horisontal or vertical you have to use some trigonometry

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    Theres some free ball bouncing off wall code action script on freeactionscript.com you can probably learn from that, that websites free open source files taught me alot

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    Heres a quick example i wrote that just has a simple ball bouncing off the bounding walls of the stage, you should be able to modify your code using my attached .fla as reference
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