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Thread: Throttling troubles

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    Throttling troubles

    Hey guys!
    I'm having some problem with throttling :

    Throttling - Non-visible SWFs and SWFs on hidden tabs are throttled down to 2 frames per second. No rendering occurs unless the SWF becomes visible again. Timers and local connections are also clocked down to 2 FPS.
    In a single player game, you can just pause the game when the swf is non visible/inactive, but in a multiplayer game that's a huge problem for me. Is there any way to desactivate this using as3? I did read few things about wmode etc... but indeed you can't change the way the game is embeded on the flash games portal.

    My problem is that I have a timer listener that check every 100ms for collisions and few other things. If the player minimize his window, the timer will only occurs 2 times per second instead of an average of 9-10, OUCH !

    I just hope someone got a solution

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    No, you can not override this behaviour (or every Flash ad would override it and whole idea would become pointless). Your game should check for fps and if it drops below 10 for example, game should pause. Its not important why it drops so low, the game is obviously unplayable anyway. Once fps is restored to acceptable value again, game continues.

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