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Thread: General questions about slightly animated flash christmascard.

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    General questions about slightly animated flash christmascard.


    I'm completely new to flash & digital art. I got a project recently for a christmas card. Basically a digital drawing with some flash animation edited into it.

    The rough sketch can be seen here:

    Though I just have a slightest idea based on youtube videos of how to do it. Here's what I think I could do (correct me, if wrong):
    1)Make the background image in PS as a digital painting
    2)Make the characters into vectors in Illustrator.
    3)Make the further frames/moving parts of character in Illustrator as well
    4)Export the whole thing into Adobe Flash
    5)Make it happend.

    a)Does my plan have potential?(Though I can finally be sure of it in practice.)
    b)What flash format to use to create it, considerint that it'll be used in web, sent out as emails? (There are a number of things in there -Action Script, AIR etc)
    c)Any tips for a beginner?

    I was planning to use a similar technique used in this tutorial:

    All the best,

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    If you want things (characters) to be animated..

    you should make them separate objects.

    Using vector graphics will allow for easier editing and smooth transitions/animations.

    anything that will NOT move or be static (can be an image of whatever).

    however vector illustrations will make the project smaller in size vs importing raster/bitmap graphics.

    more or less you have the right idea..

    just get to playing with it.. and post pack if you have specific questions or problems.

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    You don't need to animate this - the image tells the whole story - very nice!

    However ...
    as a tip, I used to spend hours making things in illustrator then exporting them to flash and animating them. Now I just make them in flash, if you have CS5 and you are not doing very complex lines (its all about the lines) I find it much easier.

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    i found some good links in flashkit.com regarding your matter. I recommend you to search your issue and find the tutorials.

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