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Thread: Its 1:30am, I've been working since 9am

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    Its 1:30am, I've been working since 9am

    And I have a flash presentation for a charity due in tommorow at 2pm.

    I have currently about 20% of it done.

    I was asked to create a simple flash game for a charity promoting business skills and training for teens.

    I started out with hardly ANY flash experience and NO prior Actionscript knowledge.
    This website has been a total godsend, it's helped me such much.

    However I just thought I'd post this to try to keep myself awake and keep my brain active if it turns into a discussion (HOPEFULLY).

    My lack of knowledge is severely slowing me down, this much I know, but wish me luck anyway! It's for a good cause!

    It's a really simple choice game (sorta like a dating game, only it's based around business opportunities and not dating) but due to me being LITERALLY a total N00B it's been eye-opening, frustrating and I've gained even more respect for actionscript wizards than I had before (which was a lot already).

    Anyone else pulled a game out in about 24 hours? Is it do-able?
    I have 3 characters, with 3 career branches, and a further 3 locations, each with their own questions and stories. Phew.

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    If anyone would like to add anything at all to keep me company and get help me to stay awake i'd really appreciate it!

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    can't keep ya physical company. It reads like you bit off more then you can chew. Good luck all the same

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    How did the project turn out? Did you complete it on time?

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