Several years ago, I wrote a book with David Castillo about building equipment simulations using Flash ( We included a set of interface components, such as dials, knobs, digital displays, gauges, buttons, etc. as well as a hierarchical state machine framework for building simulations.

A few weeks ago, we decided to release the AS2 and AS3 versions as open source, to help others who want to create simulations or dashboards that use such interface elements. Our AS2 set has more stuff, but our AS3 set has gauges, knobs (potentiometer and job), buttons, digital displays, and sliders. Unlike some other knob components on the internet I've seen, ours actually work the most flexibly. Of course you have full control for skinning as well.

You can get the MXP file, the source, or the SWC's here:

We hope you like them!