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Thread: Animation slows down (graphic intensity)

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    Unhappy Animation slows down (graphic intensity)

    I've been working on an animation for about a year and what I've realized is when i watch it on my laptop, the animation suffers from graphic intensity, at least that's what I think. The animation goes from like 30 frames a sec to like 15 in one second during animation and then picks up when the view becomes less intense. The animation slows down to a slower speed of frames and causes music and sounds to have bad syncing. Plus it just looks bad overall from the roughness of frame slowness you can see every frame separately. I was wondering if there was anyway to remove this problem without lowering the quality of the animation. All help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    My advise is to debug your movie. Make test copy of the .fla and make some changes in it. For example - remove music, or remove most complex movie clip. In this way you may discover which object cause slowing down.

    If you have some complex vector grafic - try to draw it with actionscript. If you have sever actionscript generated effects - don`t use them simultaneously. Complex actionscript effects (especiallysimulating 3D).

    Another problem may be dynamic adding of objects. If you add many object dynamically and after thir use you don`t remove thier instances - this make the animation heavy.

    If you`ve used images with transparent background (.png) with high quality - you could try to make the same images, but jpg on some background color similar to background of your animation. The you can make transparent effect with masking the .jpg image (for example: you want to animated a car image. Make mask over the .jpg image of the car wich traces the car coupe out).

    My last advice is to try some part of the animation to be in video. View some of the websites of movie blockbusters (like Avengers or Transformers) - most of the effect are in videos.

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    To help with audio sync, try putting a looping silent WAV file on a single keyframe
    before the rest of your sounds. I may do a separate post - wondering if more ram helps these situations.

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    same situation here

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