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Thread: Loading large swf gets stuck

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    Loading large swf gets stuck

    I have a large swf (about 11mb). When loading it, half the time it gets stuck about half way.

    This occurs when pointing my browser directly towards the raw swf, eg: mywebsite.com/myflash.swf

    Could it be a problem with the server? or is the swf file just too big?


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    The .swf depends on the user PC performance and there is no limits for the size. The reason could be server protection, that doesn`t allow loading files bigger than 1 or 2MBs (for example) . In my expirience with big flash websites - the solution is to make one main swf that loading the parts of the animation from other swf-s. (like: background.swf, car.swf, road.swf, man.swf).

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