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Thread: migrate flash cs5 project to flash builder - how?

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    Question migrate flash cs5 project to flash builder - how?


    I would like to migrate my OOP-as3 flash-project to flash builder (or maybe textmate (Mac)??). Is there ANY detailed tutorial available that can explain me how to setup flash builder 4.6 (or older) so I can easily import all my classes and frameworks to this app?

    Currently I'm stuck because - to be honest - I don't get it. There are thousands of preferences and buttons and I have no idea what they mean.

    How do you setup / import an additional game-framework (so all my classes can access them)? TIA!

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    simply, one can almost always make a new flash builder project, and copy stuff in, and keep trying to get things compiling.

    if you are new to flash builder, good luck, eclipse is big. but anyway, the default way flash builder is setup should allow you to get started pretty quickly.

    if you are on windows, or virtualize it commonly, i suggest FlashDevelop. much more straight forward and not so bloated.

    sorry that's all i can suggest
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    If you just have classes to refer to you can create a swc in Flash and import that into the Flash builder project. If you have components you can export them as Flex components from Flash. However otherwise you need to start newly to build your Flex project.
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    Thanks. But I don't have to rewrite it from scratch because I just have to change my library assets (not that much). The only thing that confused me was this xml-file for the flex compiler. Setting this thingy up so that it runs was a really unpleasant experience.

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