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Thread: Advanced Shape Tweens...

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    Advanced Shape Tweens...

    Hi guys,

    I'm having a real problem getting this to work.

    I want a shape tween to follow a path - to use it as a mask.

    When i make a slight change to the line - the tween flips and distorts, instead of just moving along slightly. I have tried to use shape hints - but they did not help.

    I want to add a shape tween to this - to make it smooth between the jumps:

    I have attached the fla if someone could show me how to add the shape tween

    Thanks for the help.
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    See the attached .fla - there i`ve created your tween with combination of motion and shape tweens . Also i used couple of masks and layers. The animation is pretty smooth.

    Hope this helps to you ( 8 yrs later ).

    P.S. : The .fla file is in CS4 version
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