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Thread: Replay button for FLV playback

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    Replay button for FLV playback

    Hello everyone

    I have a .FLV video that I have loaded via FLV playback container (AS3). At the end of the video. I then have a replay button, that when clicked would like to either fade or dissapear and play the video again.

    I have searched long and far to eidt this but any help would be much appreaciated. I have a yousendit link for the .fla (except for the linked movie), which might help solve this problem.


    Thanks for your help in advance, much appreciated.

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    people are not likely to actually download and sift through your code. try and break out the code that is related to your question and make a simple example of how you are doing it, and why its failing coupled with how you would like it to behave.
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