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Thread: #fail

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    Cichlisuite noiselab's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    i return from years of absence to troll on this thread. yes, for all the hype in the first few posts, those volleys should have had plans that included voluntary abortion in mind. rollcanvas ftw.


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    Quote Originally Posted by squidlips View Post
    Came back to the Arena and this is what I see? I'm all for the attitude YBAB, something has to revitalise this place. So here is some from me. Your chops are so weak I feel like I've gotten worse at graphic art from even having looked at them.

    You're not picking up any techniques, you're certainly not inspiring anyone else. If you want to see a real battle check out the KID A by Zacaboo and myself. Or arguably the only two person battle that was better than ours would have been ondraedan vs thedarkness. Some of the rollcanvases were F***ING EPIC as well.
    Can we please do this again?

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