We are building a new section on HTMLGoodies (sister site to this one). I need some help and in return, a site you've built might get a free link.

What I'm looking for:

I'm looking for sites built using HTML5 or CSS3 features. If you've built a cool site that uses either of these, then I want to know! What I need (and this should be easy if you built the site) are:

  1. The URL of the site
  2. A description (text) of what elements of HTML5 or CSS3 you used.
  3. Information on why you chose HTML5
  4. Anything cool about why/how/where you used HTML5/CSS3 (brag a bit!)
  5. What category your site falls into: entertainment, multimedia, reference, social, education, productivity, sales, other?
  6. Does your site support IE pinning? (if you are not sure, then the answer is no)
  7. What browsers is your site optimized for? (Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, Chrome, other)

You can pick more than one answer on the multiple choice questions.

I'm looking to get a couple of site ideas TODAY if possible. We are wanting to launch this new section very, very soon - like possibly next week -- so this is a chance to get your site "spotlighted" among the first ones!

I'd prefer business or topics sites versus personal blogs and such.

You can post the information here if you want, or you can email me at bjones@internet.com. Use subject line "Feature my HTML5 site: <site name>"

After we launch this new section, we will have a submission for for new sites!