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Thread: [Tool] ‘Pickle’ Pixel Editor

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    [Tool] ‘Pickle’ Pixel Editor

    Hey everybody, it's been a while...

    I just wanted to show off my latest creation.
    It's a pixel editing app called Pickle.

    It's made specifically for creating animations and tiles for Flixel games, but it should work fine for other game engines (or even non-game pixel art) as well.

    Pickle allows you to see a live preview of your sprites as you edit.
    You can preview animations, seamless tiles and terrain tiles.

    So no more edit -> export -> import into game -> run game -> test -> repeat.

    I'd love any feedback on how it could be made better.
    Try it out and let me know what you think:

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    this looks really cool cadin. very nice work!

    ps: it would be nice if the colour selection was pinned or somehow permanently available
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    REALLY nice polish there!

    I'm loving the look and feel of the app, I think it'll definitely be useful to me in the future, I want to start working more with sprite sheets and whatnot.

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