Hello and thanks for looking, this is driving me quite crazy so I hope someone can help, although its a little complex to describe. I dont do a lot of flash so put this on this section, hope its not too complex.

I am making a quiz form scratch and have everything set-up and working well using AS3, some buttons and movieclips.

The base structure is that the questions are contained in a movieclip, each one on a different frame so i can use next frame to go through them. AS its multiple choice, always 3 answers with 1 right i wanted to use just 3 buttons.

So frame 1 has 3 buttons, 1 right, 2 wrong.

The code on the main time line detects which instance is clicked and then does a few things like shows result text, disable buttons, show navigation button etc...... and then tells the question to move to the next frame.

This has the same instances of the buttons but in a different position as the right answer isn't always in the same place.

However somehow this is being ignored or reset, with either the repositioning completely wrong or reset.

Is this because I am using the same instances of the buttons each time?

Hope you can help.




Not sure if anyone will understand my code but here it is:


/*right answer*/

function playResultY(event:MouseEvent):void
if (question.qTxt.answerY.enabled){

question.qTxt.answerY.enabled = false;
question.qTxt.answerX1.enabled = false;
question.qTxt.answerX2.enabled = false;
question.qTxt.answerX1.alpha = 0.5;
question.qTxt.answerX2.alpha = 0.5;
//question.qTxt.answerY.transform.colorTransform = myAwesomeNewColour;
score += 1;
scoreTxt.dynamicTxt.text = score;


question.qTxt.answerY.addEventListener(MouseEvent. CLICK, playResultY);

/*go to next question and reset*/
function playAnimation2(event:MouseEvent):void
//var tweenOUT:Tween = new Tween(question.qTxt, "x", Strong.easeOut, 178, 500, 1, true);
//var tweenIN:Tween = new Tween(question.qTxt, "x", Strong.easeOut, 500, 178, 1, true);
question.qTxt.answerY.enabled = true;
question.qTxt.answerX1.enabled = true;
question.qTxt.answerX2.enabled = true;
question.qTxt.answerX1.alpha = 1.0;
question.qTxt.answerX2.alpha = 1.0;
question.qTxt.answerY.alpha = 1.0;

nav.nextBut.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playAnimation2);