This code seems correct, no errors, Flash CS5.5 is finding the Away 3D libraries ok, using most recent playerglobal11_0.swc for Flash Player 11.

Everything is working fine in terms of the rendering pipeline ( I think ) .... except I can't see anything !

I thought my model ( the sphere) may be in the wrong place on the z axis, so I moved it to (0,0,100) , then (0,0,-100) .... still can't see it.

What's missing ?

package  {
	import away3d.core.base.*;
	import away3d.materials.*;
	import away3d.containers.Scene3D;
	import away3d.containers.View3D;
        import away3d.primitives.Sphere;
        import flash.display.Sprite;

	public class helloworld extends Sprite{

		public function helloworld() {
			 // create a viewport
                        var View:View3D = new View3D();
			View.backgroundColor = 0x666666;
			var scene1:Scene3D = new Scene3D(); 
			var View:View3D = new View3D(scene1);


            // create a sphere and put it on the 3D stage
            var sphere:Sphere = new Sphere();
			sphere.moveTo(0,0, 100);

            // render the view