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Thread: fading of images

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    fading of images

    Hi friends.
    I need to create a banner Fading of the images it happens just like in the banner on this site:
    I tried to get this effect with all kinds of masks, etc.-but I could not get something just like that.
    Anyone know of code\Guide to get something really, really like?
    Thank you.

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    Hi erez_l. This is actionscript generated fade effect. The easiest way to imitate this effect is with semi transparent mask. Create a rectangle with apropriate sizes and choose linear gradient for fill color. Make this gradient with few colors - some with 100% opacity and some with 0% opacity in same order like the mask in the desired baner. Then convert this rectangle to movie clip with some name. Give it instance name. Write actionscript 2 to caching this movie clip as bitmap and make transiotion over the images. The code for caching is : my_mc_instance_name.cacheAsBitmap = true; my_img_instance_name.cacheAsBitmap = true; (This works in flash player 8 and 9). Code for masking: my_img_instance_name.setMask(my_mc_instance_name);

    Now you have gadient faded mask for your transiotions. And the last that you have to do is the tween (via motion tweens or actionscript easing).

    This is the animation like this that you see in deltacapital.co.il. The transitiion of mask over the images is puted in one movie clip, and this movie clip with this animation is masked in this circle form. If you going to do this double masking - pay attention to the actionscript for the caching Bitmap - there should be _roo.BIG_MC.my_mc_instance_name.cacheAsBitmap = true;

    the Mask of BIG_MC you can make with standart mask layer.

    For the semi transparent red sectors over the images you can make exact shapes in movie clip which is over all animations and appear or fades according the image animation.

    Hope this helps.

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