How long has deviantArt basically been a porn site full of idiots with phone cams taking pictures of their junk in a mirror, or posting porn content for 13 year olds to view?

I hope nobody has a 13 year old child who is a member there, or wants to be. If so, be warned, the content is very doubtful, and getting worse almost daily.

The moderators and admin there seem to have no idea what their own guidelines state. One of those guidelines states, 'no semen or vaginal fluids' (gives you some idea of their current standards )

I reported one image posted in their 'Artistic Nudes' category which had a semen covered penis.

The admin who dealt with my report contacted me back and told me the image did not breach their existing guidelines on pornography.

So either the admin is wrong, or the guidelines are wrong. there are no shades of grey in regard to the image or the guidelines.

Guidelines - no semen
Image - semen

what the f' is all i can say. I like DA because there are some good artists there, and some great stock images for photshop compositions, but they have got their head wrong if they allow porn and 13 year olds in the same room without controls.