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Thread: preload .swf?

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    preload .swf?

    So, I'm now working on one project that has numerous embedded .swfs.

    For the first three animations, I created empty movie objects, and loaded the movie as a series of jpgs for each frame, thus, the main movie .swf actually contains the animation, so it pre-loads, and shows the user the loading process.

    Now, as you advance through the animation, the problem is when you get through the animations that are pre-loaded, and continue with the non-pre-loaded .swfs (the ones that are merely referenced).

    As a first-time user, when you get to them, you see the "loading" bar. However, I don't want my users to see that, I want to "preload" those .swfs in the first frame, or have the very first button preload the external .swfs.

    I can't figure out how to do that though. When I use the actionscript "LoadMovie", it actually plays the movie, which is not what I want.

    Here's the link to my latest version:

    Any thoughts would be great...I'm almost finished I think!
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