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Thread: Chromatic guitar tuner

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    Chromatic guitar tuner

    I know this is a pretty advanced project I'm asking about, but does anyone know what it would take to make a tuner that uses the mic and displays ALL frequencies with a moving arrow? I made a simple tuner years ago ( http://www.guitarforbeginners.com/onlinetuner.html ) using sound files, one for each string of the guitar, but it requires the user to have a good ear. The electronic tuners on the market today take all the guesswork out.

    There are a couple of online flash ones out there, in fact one that I have embedded on my site here -- http://www.guitarforbeginners.com/chromatictuner.html -- but I want my own.

    How complicated could it be?

    Thanks for reading,

    Kirk Lorange

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    I would figure you need to learn about how to learn about channel peaks and what frequency each not is supposed to fall into with in a certain amount of variance to make sure that it does not have to be smack on a single hertz... then you would need to link the mic input of flash and have it activity take what is being input and análise it having it to flag a variable depending on when the peaks hit and what the wave spectrum is sending at the channel peaks, then have that variable display?

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