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Thread: Help with a game for my classroom

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    Help with a game for my classroom

    I’m an elementary teacher and awhile back I tried making a quiz program for my class using content questions in Flash. I completely stink at coding. Someone ended up helping with it, but unfortunately there’s a couple bugs and I can’t seem to contact the person who helped me.

    It’s pretty simple. I was wondering if anyone might be willing to take a look at it and see if they could fix the bugs:

    1 – For some reason when it hits the end of a category (it looks like Jeopardy), it ends the game. It should wait until all the questions are answered.

    2 – This really isn’t a glitch. If you read below about how the game works, I hit a team color depending on who raises their hand (the students don’t interact with the game, they raise their hands and I punch a button depending on what team they are on).
    What we forgot to add was, what if a question is displayed and nobody can answer it? As it is, I would hit Y,P,G, or R (yellow, purple, green, red) and then that team could answer. I need to add a button that skips that question, doesn’t add or subtract point, and moves on. (Maybe ‘S’ for skip?)

    If someone decides to take a shot at it, here’s a little info on how it’s setup that might help. Just shoot me a PM so I know someone is interested. Think of it as a community service for a bunch of great kids! Here’s the files to play with: http://www.mediafire.com/?ay3s6cy9cohw2d1

    Setup Info:

    The game looks at the list.xml for possible topics, picks 3 at random, and then finds those topic*.xmls for the questions. Questions can either be text, or pull a picture from the media folder. It also has a mystery category that pulls questions at random from any topic*xml. It was made this way so that I and other teachers could add questions.
    You hit + to start the game. The teacher starts off and picks a category that the game has randomly chosen by hitting 1-4. That picks the first question available in that category. It displays the question and a timer up top counts down (it doesn’t do anything when the timer runs out, it’s up to the teacher to hit – (minus) meaning that they missed the question). If a student wants to answer, they raise a hand and I hit Y,P,G, or R depending on their team. The student would verbally answer. I then hit ‘A’ which reveals the answer. Then I would hit either + or – depending on whether they got it right or wrong. Then the program would adjust the score.

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    I suspect you would get some more response, if people didn't need to take a few uneccessary steps to get to see some code (download, open zip, drag file to IDE). Internet makes people lazy. Smartphones even more so.

    To get some more help on this, you may wanna post that function (or several maybe), using the "code" tag.

    Your code here
    (if "code" tag is a bit vague to you, quote my post and you'll how it's done).

    On topic
    Your code is procedural, which is inherently badly structured (compared to object orientated), so I could do with some more selfdescripting variable names as I'm unfamiliar with it. Since you stated that programming isn't your proffession: this is all to be expected. Now to give me some clarity, where is the code located which would pick give the command to "wait for the next question", but instead gives the "end the game" command?

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