align your graphics the way you see it.

VizAlign is a powerful, extendable, actionscript 3 alignment utility that allows you to vizually align DisplayObject. it is a new way of thinking about aligning, and will forever change your alignment habits. when you position something, you expect it to end up where you envision it; VizAlign helps you do that. the core is so extendable i never run out of new feature ideas.


  • natural api: i want to align these [targets] to the [left of the stage].
  • 40 alignments (and more coming!)
  • align Rectangle || DisplayObject
  • extend – able architecture
  • returns results for animation or storage
  • group – ing!

show me!

come on up, relax, and take a look at the capabilities swf, which will let you play around with VizAlign, get used to how it works, and learn all the alignments available!

VizAlign capabilities [swf+video]

where do i get it?

why github!
please use the included asDocs in master, and the wiki for help and info
licensed under MIT
(if you need help with github send me private message!)