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Thread: Wedding photos editing

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    Wedding photos editing

    Hey guys,

    I have a few wedding photos that I would like the background blurred, when I use the lasso or quick selection tool the subjects that I cut out have a black defined line around the subject once the background has been blurred.

    I was just wondering how to avoid this from happening and actually blur the background without the subjects looking like cardboard cutouts!!!!

    or can somebody point me in the right direction for a tut.

    mods, if this is in the wrong place please move it

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    There's a number of ways of doing this - none of them will be as good as actually shooting with a wide aperture but you can do better than using a quick selection..

    Thing to remember is, there's not just 2 planes of focus in your shot - you gradually go from focus to out of focus - just bluring the shot and then putting a cut out of the focused bit in will look like, as you say, cardboard cut outs.

    Try this - open your photo in photoshop - duplicate the layer. Apply a blur (try lens blur although gaussian should be ok - or maybe smart blur.. pick whichever works for you).

    Then apply a layer mask to the blurred layer.

    Then, with your brush set to paint black and opacity about 5%, gradually paint over the bits you want in focus. It will take a while but you want to achieve that look like the focus fades out - not just with harsh lines.

    You can also look into advanced use of lens blur filter but that's a bigger topic.

    Try the method I mentioned and post your results here - I'm sure someone will (eventually) offer some more advice for you.

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