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Thread: 360 Interactive Panoramic Viewer

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    360 Interactive Panoramic Viewer


    I am looking to build a 360 interactive panoramic viewer. The idea being to have the mouse movement move the image as well as controls. Also I want to incorporate information hotspots on parts of the image.

    So far I have been unable to find any good tutorials to do this, please can someone help point me in the right direction as to what would be the best way to accomplish the above?

    Many Thanks

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    that is super advanced man, you first would need to program the hotspot algorithm to that your images know where they match at, second you will need to program how they position themselves in accordance to that algorithm, the whole 360 idea is a lot simpler then that, and may consist of you just manually lining up your images with each other then having them reposition in accordance to your mouse moving!

    if you are looking to just make a system where you upload images and it makes 360 panoramas good luck, Microsoft has been programing something like that for years and is just now getting to be really slick...

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    I don't know about programming it but this company already offers a very good working example of this http://gardengnomesoftware.com/

    My brother has used it for virtual tours, you can create panoramas for it using PTGui photo stitching software.

    It might give you some ideas on the development if nothing else.



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