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Thread: Jumping on a spring

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    Jumping on a spring

    I'm going to ask my question again in a simpler way...

    *ahem* ...Imagine you're making an engine for a 2-D Platformer. The exit of the level is on a high ledge and you want your main character to be able to jump on a spring or something to propel himself/herself up and land on the high ledge... How do you get that to happen?

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    It's not so much the question needing to be simple, it's more the answer isn't.

    What version of AS are you using, what have you got working so far ( ie, have you already got baddies in the game with collision checks ), how are you currently detecting platforms ( Is it tile or art based ), etc.

    It's far too generic a question for anyone to be able to give you a decent answer. The basic solution is that when you do a collision check for the players feet against the spring you force a jump with increased velocity, but that's just a pointless answer as that's just basic theory, and I'm assuming you had that much figured anyway.

    Show what you've got running so far, explain what you've tried and why you think it didn't work. No one's going to be able to just post working code here for you on what you've said.


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    Squize is right... You haven't really explained your game's engine... This question is just generic. And yes you want to make the player jump, but higher, after collision with the spring.

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    I can't jump on spring because i don't have any practice for this

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