I don't know how I missed out on Box2D + WCK (World Construction Kit) these past couple years... anyways, am playing with it now.

I have no problem figuring out the basics and have started a library of base objects for easy use but now I'm trying to make a rectangle that can be pulled and springs back into place and I'm stumped, mainly because the WCK documentation is incomplete and does not explain the huge amount of parameters available for joints.

So right now I have a library of components all prepped for each basic shape, as well as a couple for compound shapes, and what I call a Pin joint (revolute) for pinning objects to a hinge.

I can't help but think that others must surely have already gone through this process and built up basic libraries of parts, so why am I reinventing the wheel.

So the point of this post: does anyone know if such a library (FLA file) is available for download somewhere?!