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Thread: Old skills need update 1.1 - Framesets

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    Old skills need update 1.1 - Framesets

    Guys any chance I can start asking questions again?... there kinda backing up (20+ I have written list.. lol), and if you dont let me let them out soon, Im going to burst!.. lol.....

    First things first.. A big thanks to video man and your constructive feedback!.. and more so for finding a sec to take a more serious look at how ugly betty(GP.com) is built..: )....

    Dude is there any chance we or anyone, could talk/teach more about the things we think Im doing wrong in its shell structure?... would be grateful and would like to get it right from the word go!.....

    Id need to find and reread the post but there were 4-5 good points in there we need to fix about my build style.... and hoping you can bring me up to seed on them.. 1 at a time?....

    First 1. Frameset
    V-man.. "Why are you using framesets"....

    Im hoping the fastest way to re-educate my butt, is I say why I used them... then hopefully someone can go... "Na dude, its not done that way anymore!.. we now do it like this!.."... and I go Aaah ty.. and look more into it!.... lets try?.. fingers crossed!....

    Why I used framesets..

    1. main reason - I wanted a clean http: address at all times, I new framesets could give me that....
    2. I wanted things like clock and nav and other parts to add.. to be around at all times, and not have to reload on every new page...
    3. A bonus, I only have to put the "rel=fav.ico" code.. on index pg now right?...
    4. Framesets seem to work in all browsers still & fine, so why are they becoming unpopular?...

    Ty B
    Defy the boundaries!.. NEVER surrender to the code!!!.....

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    The first thing you might ask yourself is how many of the sites you visit every day use frames? Not many? Probably a reason for that, wouldn't you think?

    Frames are officially deprecated, meaning you shouldn't use them anymore. A few reasons why:

    - They break bookmarking. If your whole site is in frames, the only page a person can bookmark is your home page.

    - They cause accessibility problems. People accessing your site with screen readers will have issues making sense of your site.

    - They cause SEO problems. Web spiders like Google will have a hard time indexing your site, making it harder to find in search engines.

    - They cause printing problems. Frames make it difficult to print content, and more people than you'd think print pages.

    - They cause problems for mobile devices, which are the fastest growing segment of the web population.

    The best way to do it is to embrace the constraints of the medium and do it like everyone else -- a separate page for everything, and some stuff will have to reload (though it will be cached so it'll load much more quickly on other pages).

    If you REALLY want things not to reload, you can use AJAX and load things on the fly, though you'll run into many of the problems you get with frames, and will have to take extra care not to break bookmarking, etc.

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