I am new to this site and forum and would just like to add a suggestion. First off I would like to say that this site seems to be very helpful and informative. However, looking through the tutorials and movies I am baffled by the insane amount of searching to find something I am interested in.

1. Maybe my browser isn't set up right or something, but it is kind of annoying to scroll down the whole way to the bottom of the page to pass the advertisements and blank space to get to the categories. I fully understand the need for ads to generate revenue, but it shouldn't interfere with the content

2. Sub-Categories - your tutorials and movies section really needs sub categories in my opinion. By just browsing I am going through pages and pages until I find something that sparks my interest. Sub categories would help me narrow down what I am looking for.

3. Better search functions - You have so much to offer on your site, and a simple search of animation under movies turns up over 900 results. Maybe adding some new search perameters would help to track down information better.

All in all, I really think flashkit is a great site, which is why I chose to become a member here, but I honestly think some more organization so dummies like me can find what they're looking for a little easier would be better.