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Thread: Getting to grips with MVC

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    Hi, I am implementing a MVC (Model View Controller) set up for the first time in FlashBuilder and I'm trying to get my head round it.

    Say I have a website that loads in XML, and has 4 pages with a main navigation at the top.

    I have created 3 packages: model, view, controller

    In model, I would store the data XML and variables
    in view, I would create all the pages, add graphics from the library, and add MouseEvents onto the buttons etc..
    In controller, this would deal with the MouseEvents or user interaction and action the appropriate animation etc..

    Is this correct?

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    That is the correct mentality yes. We had a pretty lengthy discussion about the basics you might find interesting. http://board.flashkit.com/board/show...hp?t=824626#15

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    I recommend you to use the Presentation Model and the MATE or some other framework. I found the MATE framework easy to learn and apply in Flash builder. Basically the AS in the mxml file is reduced to an absolute minimum. The Presentation Model has its origin in the MVC.
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