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Thread: Set publishing dimensions

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    Set publishing dimensions

    Short version:
    Can I set the dimensions of the published Flash movie to something other than the dimensions of the stage/document? I'm not talking about the size in a HTML document.

    Long version:
    I have a pretty big stage (2000 x 480 px) and a character that moves through it in various ways (think: Mario running and jumping through a level.) I use Bryan Heisey's V-Cam to keep my character in the center of the screen while he's moving around.

    Everything's working fine so far, but a problem arises when I publish the project: The dimensions of the published movie file is always the same as the stage size, meaning that the player window is 2000px wide. It still only displays what the camera sees though, meaning that the rest of the window is empty. Plus, the image is squashed because the size of my camera view isn't a multiple of the stage size.

    I've looked around in the publishing settings, but couldn't find a way to specify the output dimensions (only in the HTML tab, but that doesn't help either; it's still the same thing, just smaller.) Is there a way to tell Flash to use specific dimensions (basically the size of the camera) when publishing a movie, instead of just using the document size?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Here's a mockup of what I want to achieve:

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    When V-CAM is used, the .swf clip shows V-CAM record in sizes of the flash movie stage. If you change the width and the height of the stage - the result is the same, but in the new sizes and the record is enlargerd or reduced.

    For example: you have stage 2000px wide and 480px high. Your vcam frame is with sizes - 200x200. If you want to have .swf that shows only the vcam without changes - just modify the sizes of the stage to 200x200.

    In your case - modify the sizes of the movie in the <object> tag in html from 2000 and 480 to VCAM width and height. Or do this with the stage sizes in the .fla and publish the movie. Then you will have .html code for your vcam record without stretching

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    To change the size from within in Flash, press Modify->Document.. [CTRL+J], and change the dimensions there (or click on a blank part of your Stage where nothing will be selected when pressed, and then open Properties Panel [CTRL+F3], and the dimensions should be displayed there).

    As for your problem, change the dimensions to something smaller and more befitting. Then, assuming your vCam has an instance name of, vcam_mc, and your character, char_mc, click on your Frame, open Actions Panel [F9], and type this:

    Actionscript Code:
    onEnterFrame = function(){
        vcam_mc._x = char_mc._x;
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