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Thread: Help urgently needed plz

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    Help urgently needed plz

    Hi everyone...
    I'm working on a small project for my little son in which he is supposed to work out the correct order of letters for some given words...
    I managed to get it work fine through the visible=true / visible = false sprites...
    BUT what i really want is how can i make the word built in the correct order or never.. i mean how can i allow the first letter, let's say "M" appears only when he clicks on the button related to it and when he clicks on "N" nothing happens because this is the last letter in the word, and like so for the rest until the whole word is built....
    I hope i have made myself clear...

    Thanks in advance for any help you may give..

    PS. I attached my movie here....
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    I can't peek at your file as I'm away from my desktop. You might want to try the forums over at swishzone.


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    Thanks Frets...
    This is the link to my post on swishzone....


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