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Thread: can't change render size quicktime

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    can't change render size quicktime

    When I export to quicktime in cs5, I can't change the render width/height before I export. Render size remains the stage size. I can change the size in the Quicktime settings. But when for example setting that 200% that only blows up the flash 200%. Like digitally double a photoshop photo. Decreasing its quality. Render width/height can't be changed? Otherwise I would have to double the stage size, double all graphics on all frames and export from that.

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    You can double the stage sizes. Then select all layers from the timeline, copy them and paste to a new movie clip. Then remove all layers from the timeline. Place there the movie clip, that you`ve created with all the original layers. After placing, double the size of this movie clip and then you will have your animation in 2 times bigger size. If you have some actionscript in your animation, you have to change it after using one main movie clip. Set instance name of this main movie clip (Main_mc for example). Then if you have something like this (for example): white_mc._alpha = 0; replace it with _root.Main_mc.white_mc._alpha = 0;

    I`ve done this scenario lots of times, when i had to transform some animation in multiple different sizes (160x600, 300x250, 468x85, 728x90, 300x600).

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